Why do we choose to feel this way?

Do we choose?

Nothing and no one can make you feel a certain way; you allow yourself to feel a certain way.

But if you really stop and think about why you feel this way, is it the job?  Is it the other people? Is it your boss who makes you feel this way?  Or is it how you react to these influences?

Is it all the work that you should do?  Or is it that word ‘should’ which feeds your inability to delegate or time manage?   ‘I should be able to do it, I should let someone else do it for me, but they will do it wrong”, I should stop making cups of coffee, I should talk less, I should manage my time better.

I was on the train to London a few weeks ago, and on arriving at Paddington I overheard a young man say:

“Isn’t it amazing how much work you can get done on the train?  I have just done more work in an hour and a half than I have achieved in the last 3 days.”

I mused whether if he behaved as if he was on a train for an hour and a half each day, perhaps he would feel as accomplished every day.

By Debbie Hill Mental Performance coach at Ahead For Life