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The expressions ‘to get the best out of someone’ and ‘your hidden potential’ imply that more lies within the person waiting to be released.
— John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance
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Discover techniques that will help you harness the unique power of your mind to go the extra mile, jumping every hurdle to achieve more than you dreamed possible.


“After only one session my confidence and mindset while competing has been hugely improved.”

– Hayley


Our thinking is the foundation on which success is built. Let an opponent into your head or talk yourself out of a win and the reality can follow. But equally you can train yourself to think beyond even what you’ve achieved before, resetting the terms of play and winning bigger than ever.

I have coached a wide range of sportspeople, from badminton to rugby players, pentathletes to triathletes, cyclists to tennis players. As a regional and national competitor myself, I know how driven you are to improve your performance and beat your personal best. I also understand how it feels to face reduced motivation, confidence and tiredness at times - and how to face them down. Whatever your sport or discipline, I can help you learn to think clearly under pressure and get you across your personal finish line.

Really helped my badminton performance got me back on track after only 2 sessions, I can see a significant difference with how I was playing before and after.
— Joe
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What does a performance coaching session look like?

Sessions take place at my offices in Berkeley Gloucestershire or over Skype - though usually it is best for the first session to be in-person. I often make trips to London so we can arrange to meet up there instead.

The first session is 2 hours and subsequent sessions are 1.5 hours. I will ask questions and listen carefully to you, so I can create a bespoke programme that gets to the root cause of the problem. Sessions will include NLP methods – developed from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy – to give you confidence, motivation and clear-thinking under pressure.

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“Debbie listened intently to my problems, she never made me feel foolish or silly and she always seemed to understand what I meant. I always came away from our session feeling more confident and less tense.”


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High Performing Teens groups


Being driven to improve and continually beat your personal best can be very lonely.  These group sessions in Gloucestershire are designed to bring sporting young people together in a non-competitive, non-judgemental way.

I remember sitting in my room for four or five days not wanting to be alive, not talking to anybody. That was a struggle for me … I reached that point where I finally realized I couldn’t do it alone
— Michael Phelps, US Most decorated Olympian of all time with 28 total medals, 23 gold.