High Performing Teens

Free to focus

Free to focus

Young people who are dedicated to their sport share common concerns:

“Am I normal to want to train instead of go out?”
“My friends don’t include me because they think I am always training”. 
“How do I manage my school work and my training?” 
“My parents don’t understand how little time I have to be with the family and do chores”.
“Even when I am amongst others in my sport at high performance camps I do not feel able to completely relax, it’s so competitive.”


In these high performing teens groups up to 5 young people from different sports meet in a confidential, safe environment to develop mental performance skills, share ideas and enjoy support in a non-competitive and non-judgemental way.  We face the highs and lows of life and sport work out our challenges together.

The program is intended to help you:

- Enjoy your sport
-       Develop your mental game
-       Maintain drive and positivity
-       Learn from others
-       Find support and friendship from similar minded sports people
-       Manage your time – school/exams/training/competitions
-       Celebrate success
-       Exchange ideas
-       Recognise when you are over doing it

2 hours of focused and insightful coaching sharing experiences and ideas along with refreshments all for only £30

Starting in September 2019