Welcome to the Ahead For Life equestrian page where we help and support professional and amateur riders to optimise their performance through building a strong and resilient mindset.

Mental performance coach, Debbie Hill has developed her approach from over 30 years experience coaching in the equestrian industry, she is a level 3 coach and NLP Sports Master Practitioner.   Currently competing her own horse, Ginger at Advanced level dressage, Debbie is very familiar with riding and competing horses in high pressured environments.

Equestrian sport is unique as it precariously relies on a horse to deliver the required performance; the rider has to align their own mindset, physicality and skill with the horse whilst maintaining the emotional balance for both.  The horse instinctively reacts to the rider's physiology so to stay safe and deliver a great performance there is no room for even the smallest lack of belief.

Debbie takes time to find out how riders are thinking and behaving during competition and training and understand what it is they want to achieve, helping to set goals and create an achievable pathway. Through a variety of exercises and techniques, she shows them how to use their thinking to enhance their performance, control their emotional state and use mental strategies to achieve positive results.

Professional riders also find business management benefits too, this is what one rider said:

"I contacted Debbie towards the end of the 2017 season after stepping up a level in Eventing; I was frustrated with my inconsistent performance. Debbie immediately helped me get to the source of the problem with her practical, honest and kind approach. She helped me with mental preparation, focus and goal setting. My competition head and business management outlook have both really benefitted and I am continuing to work with her to achieve my goals. Highly recommended!"


Debbie HillAhead For Life