Successful businesses need individuals who believe in themselves, who are open to change and work positively together. This balance can be threatened by pressures of work, conflict and demands of personal lives leading to a deterioration of confidence, tiredness and negativity.

Ahead for Life business Coaching

Debbie’s office in Gloucestershire provides an oasis of calm away from the working environment where, through a variety of techniques and exercises, clients can confidently tackle those areas which are holding them back.

Every client and situation is unique, coaching can be tailored to change thinking around a specific situation or for a bespoke program over a longer period of time. Programs vary and can help to develop a range of skills such as rapport building and communication, improving motivation or developing self-belief and presentation skills. Debbie will advise on the most appropriate and effective solutions to maximise individual performance.

Every session is completely confidential and for the personal benefit of the individual.  Content is never disclosed to a third party without the client’s permission even when the business is paying.

Bespoke programs can also be tailored for teams; some of the projects Debbie has recently been involved with include stress management workshops and developing a model for successful managers.

I have worked with Debbie professionally for supportive techniques for the boardroom and the business dynamic. I found the process and tools interesting and practical and most importantly they worked and enabled me to get to the other side of situations I perceived as difficult.
— Julie Business Development Director, health care sector