Is mental performance coaching the same as sport psychology?

There are some similarities. Debbie Hill is a certified NLP Sports Master Practitioner, she uses NLP skills and techniques to improve mental performance from tackling negative thought processes to goal setting and motivation.


What is mental performance?

Mental performance describes how your thinking affects your physical performance.


Will it work for my sport?

In every sport there are similarities in how the sportsperson thinks, there is an outcome to achieve, winning a point, winning a match, winning a tournament, it is often the anticipation of that outcome which can make the difference between winning or losing.

How can mental performance coaching help me at work?

How you think effects everything you do. Everyone represents the world differently in their mind. Mental performance coaching will explain how you and others think helping you to communicate more easily and make sure you are getting the message across as you would like it to be understood. You will learn how to set goals more effectively, how to be more motivated and motivate and inspire others. By breaking down limiting beliefs you will be able to progress in your career, be more confident in meetings and presentations.

Is mental performance a form of counselling or therapy?

Mental performance coaching is a different experience for every individual because we all think and behave differently. If you want to move on from where you are now to enjoy life and be successful then mental performance coaching is for you.

Can mental performance coaching help me regain confidence riding my horse?

Yes! If you want to get back to enjoying riding, whether that is going out for a hack or competing at the highest level you can regain your confidence with mental performance coaching.

I don’t live in Gloucestershire, can I still come for coaching?

Coaching sessions can be done over skype as well as in person. You may wish to make the journey for the first session to get to know Debbie and make sure she is the right coach for you. Debbie also regularly travels to London where coaching can be arranged

My employer has sent me for coaching, will they get to hear about what we have discussed?

Every Ahead for Life session is private and confidential and session content is not disclosed to a third party without the client’s permission. Employers are made aware when they send staff for coaching, that the sessions are carried out in confidence and they will only know about any content by prior agreement with the member of staff concerned. The sessions are for the personal benefit of the individual.

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